Thermal Insulation and Acoustic Insulation Microspheres

Revolutionary Solution for Building Energy Saving and Thermal Insulation

The global pledge to reach carbon neutral by 2050 calls for real building insulation technologies and products that reduce our daily carbon footprint. 

Traditional insulation boards are by no means the solution due to outstanding safety issues and poor durability. Energy saving in coatings is imperative! However, so called ‘solutions’ are still unsatisfactory


  • Very expensive
  • Low mechanical strength, fragile
  • Too easy to layer

Hollow glass bubbles

  • Unsatisfactory thermal insulation performance Limited by the thermal conductivity of glass bubbles itself, products cannot achieve ideal thermal insulation performance
  • Production stability is not guaranteed High breakage rate of glass bubbles leads to low effective dosage, therefore, batch stability cannot be guaranteed, and product quality is unstable
  • The actual cost is high There is a lot of loss in production, and the actual cost spent on glass bubbles is not low

Crerax microspheres | Creating a revolutionary era of coating insulation

Crerax thermal and acoustic insulation microspheres is a white granule with acrylic resin as the inner lining and silicate inorganic as the outer attachment. It is an organic-inorganic composite microspheres.


With true density as low as 0.125 g/cm3, it is an excellent lightweight material that reduces wall loads

Low thermal conductivity

Its thermal conductivity is lower than that of glass spheres, as low as 0.025 W/(m K)

Very low breakage rate

Good mechanical strength and flexibility, not easy to break when stirred, leading to strong batch stability

Sound insulation and noise reduction

Crerax microspheres can also bring sound insulation effects

Low cost

Under the same dosage and performance, the cost of microspheres is very low, the effective addition amount is large

  • Flame Retardant Microspheres are non-combustible away from fire, which does not affect the fire and flame retardant grade of the product
  • Easy application  Suitable for paste/slurry/powder and various formulation systems, good dispersibility, very simple and convenient addition for paint making

Applicable to cement-based/gypsum-based/inorganic paste thermal insulation mortar, thermal insulation coating, sound insulation mortar, sound insulation coating and other materials.

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