Boron-free Super Lightweight Clay

Boron-free super lightweight clay that is easy, safe and fun to play with

To make clay products more malleable, stretchable and less sticky, it is not uncommon for manufacturers all over the world to add borax in their products. However, being highly toxic and irritating, accumulated borax in the human body can poison multiple organs.

Considering the unique behavior of children, borax in products like toy clay can be easily absorbed by the body through damaged skin, oral mucosa or digestive tract, posing a hazard to children. Therefore, both China and the EU have set up strict standards for boron migration in children’s toy clay products.

Over the years, subject to technologies and production processes, some companies in the industry have failed to reduct the boraz content in their products; while many other companies have chosen to ignore the safety risks in their products and keep using outdated equipment and problematic raw materials, just to pursue lower costs and highter profits.

After years of independent research and development, the Crerax team has successfully improved the production process and used environmentally friendly and safe raw materials to replace borax in the clay. Proudly, Crerax is now able to produce “boron-free” super lightweight clay, which is not only lightweight, non-sticky, easy to shape, bright colored, and easy to store for a long time, but also 100% safe and environmentally friendly.

ZERO boron, 100% safe

After years of independent R&D, Crerax has improved the production process and replaced borax with innovative and environmentally-friendly materials. Crerax produces “0” boronlightweight clay,ensuring utmost safety for children.

Super light, easy to stretch and shape

Borax usually acts as a gelling agent in the clay. Even no borax is used, crerax clay still has excellent stretchability and is elastic and not easy to deform. (It can bounce like table tennis balls) Meanwhile, microspheres reduced the density of Crerax clay, making it much lighter than similar products

Soft and non-sticky

In a third-party evaluation, Crerax clay outperformed top products from Japan in terms of the touch and feel of the clay. Crerax won unanimous praise from everyone, especially children. “I like it because it is soft and comfortable to play with!”


Children can DIY and customize the color palette and shapes as they like, unleashing imagination and possibilities

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