Borax-free Super Light Clay

Crerax@Boron-free | ZERO Borax and heavy metal content added

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Traditional clays are stretchable due to boric acid or borax being added to function as a cross-linking agent. These two substances may pose a threat to children’s health including allergic reactions on children’s fingers, and poisoning in case of accidental swallowing.

Crerax@Boron-Free, the world’s leading technology in the industry independently developed by Crerax ensures that clays are both stretchable and completely borax-free.

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According to the EU toy safety standard EN71-3 test report issued by the authoritative testing organization SGS, no migration of boron elements or heavy metal elements is detected in Crerax super lightweight clay.

Crerax boron-free super lightweight clay solved the pain point of clay poisoning while maintaining its excellent stretchability, plasticity, non-stickiness, odorlessness, and good storability. We provide safe and high-quality clays for children to play with to develop a good sense for colors, a boundless imagination and an ability to create.

0 borax, 0 heavy metal

Crerax@boron-free technology’s original safe formulas contain no borax, boric acid or migration of any toxic heavy metal element.

100% safe raw materials

Crerax boron-free super lightweight clays are made with high quality raw materials, environmentally friendly color paste, and 6-layer filtered and sterilized water.

Excellent stretchability

Regular clays are not stretchable without borax being added. Crerax@boron-free technology, on the other hand, ensures our clays have wonderful stretchability without adding borax or boric acid.

Non-sticky, non-odorous

Crerax boron-free super lightweight clay contains no artificial flavor. It is soft and does not stick to hands.

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