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PVC/TPE/TPR functional masterbatches and other customized solutions for your products

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PVC Compound Functional Masterbatch

Mix our masterbatch easily into your material to achieve lower density, higher yield, shorter molding time and higher production. Applications include air blow shoes that are lighter, brighter-colored and more comfortable, and building sealing strips with great thermal insulation properties.

PVC sealing strip for refrigerators

Refrigerator sealing strips are generally less than 2mm thick (even only 0.5mm thick), therefore, it is usually impossible to achieve foaming. Crerax SP PVC compound functional masterbatch can help achieve controlled and even foaming (cells are within 100μm), greatly reducing density and improving thermal insulation performance.
  • Reduce density
  • Cells are uniform and dense
  • Great thermal insulation performance to save energy
  • Improve compression resilience
  • TPE (TPR) Functional Masterbatch

    Crerax SP TPE(TPR) functional masterbatch is highly elastic, strong and resilient like rubber, suitable for injection molding. Combined with other characteristics, it is a novel composite material with a mission to create higher quality and comfortable lives. Common applications are shoe soles, pet toys, etc.

    PP & Engineering Plastics Lightweighting Masterbatch

    Our PP & engineering plastics solutions can be customized and be used in the fields of new energy vehicles, 5G, home appliances, airplanes, containers, child safety seats etc. to effectively lower materials’ density as well as permittivity and reduce warpage and shrinkage which frequently happen in injection molded articles.



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