Advancing all aspects of life and business

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Crerax products and solutions can be applied to more than 120 industries (automotive, construction, aerospace, printing and dyeing … ) and over 500 sub-sectors
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Crerax has over 60 (and counting) critical patents granted or under review
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50% of the Crerax team works in R&D and 83% of them have a Master’s or PhD in Science

Unlimited possibilities
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means unknown, multiplied teamwork, and going the extra mile. We speak #passion and #innovation. Our ultimate goal is to explore and redefine the boundaries.

Our Business

The Crerax ecosystem is home to a series of polymer material technologies, products and solutions.

Expandable Microspheres

Lightweight filler and foaming agent for plastics, rubber and more

We are committed to constant innovations and upgrades.

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We are not ordinary scientists, but fun experts of different fields.