Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT)

Light, insulated, and high-performance GMT material for industries like automotive and construction

Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics (GMT) is material with thermoplastic resin (PP, PA, PC, PET, etc.) as matrices and long glass fiber mat or continuous fiber mat as reinforcement. When Crerax expandable microspheres are added during the prepation processes (dry or wet process) of GMT sheets, amazing properties can be achieved.

Lightweight and
Energy Saving

Lower areal density and bulk density

Heat and Sound

Excellent thermal insulation and acoustic insulation properties


Outstanding impact resistance to prolong the service life of your material

Physical and Mechanical

Crerax GMT sheet ourperforms traditional GMT sheet by 15%


Crerax GMT sheets are stable dimensionally, making it easy to process

Products and Application

Crerax GMT materials is widely applied in the automotive industry, upgrading products like roofs, spare tire trays, chassis, engine covers, seat frames, bumpers, dashboards, etc. 

GMT material can also replace traditional metal products in construction, transportation and sports equipment to reduce weight and costs.



Sports Equipment