Thermal Insulation

As people’s energy demand towards energy goes up, the efficiency of resources consumption and the solutions of resources saving have been drawing more and more attention in a wide range of industries. The microspheres are composed of a thermoplastic shell encapsulating hydrocarbons, which is expandable after heating and will form an inflatable closed cavity with good insulation.

When added to polyurethane, phenolic resin, paint or other proper materials, excellent thermal insulation would be realized. According to statistics, only 1.5% expanded microspheres combined with the thermal insulation coating can effectively bring down the thermal conductivity by half. Under the global trend of energy saving, this advantage is of vital importance.

As can be seen from the above diagram, as the volume of the microspheres in the coating increases, the heat insulating performance is improved. With such excellent heat insulation, expanded microspheres are widely used in coatings.

Case Studies

1 Architectural Coatings

As a multi-functional coating filler, microspheres can bring new features to normal coatings.

  1. Cost saving;
  2. Thermal insulation;
  3. Accelerated drying speed;
  4. Matt surface with strong coverage;
  5. Lower water absorption;
  6. Storage stability.

Drawing coating–The addition of 1% expandable microsphere can not only reduce the density of coatings by about 5%, but also significantly enhance the stereoscopic feeling of the coatings if the amount of coatings area is increased. It is easier to obtain thick coatings effect without cracking by using EMICRO microspheres.

Multicolor paint–The expanded expandable microspheres, with very low density, can be used in multicolor sand coating, which can make the particles be suspended in the system more evenly, the pattern more abundant and full, and bring more stone-like effect.

Thermal insulation coating–Based on the principle of high PVC value, reduced thermal conductivity and improved thermal insulation, expandable microspheres help to increase the water resistance of the coating. Meanwhile, the solid volume of is increased accordingly and the drying time is shortened which further enhance the convenience of construction.