Welcome to Crerax’s new home!

Introducing Crerax’s New Office!

We are excited to announce that Crerax recently moved to a new office building in Pudong, Shanghai.

The eight-story building is now named “X Garden” by our staff as it offers a cool garden-like workplace that’s beyond your imagination.

X Garden houses both Crerax’s state-of-the-art laboratories and an open-plan workspace for all. Each floor is designed with care and love as our mission is to create a happy, interesting and highly collaborative office/home that can help our staff to find their passion and achieve a perfect work-life integration.

The CreraX’s name was inspired by the Latin word “crera”, meaning ” to create”. “X” represents “unknown” and “endless possibilities” and perfectly describes what the passionate Crerax people strive to become:

We always embrace the unknown (X = unknown)

We welcome challenges (X = experimental)

We believe in Teamwork (X = multiply)

We work hard and play hard; we live our lives to the fullest (X = 10)

We always go the extra mile (X = extra)

We are committed to constant innovations and upgrades

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