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Crerax has developed a series of solutions such as PVC functional masterbatches, TPE (TPR) functional masterbatches, PP & engineering plastics functional masterbatches to ensure foaming processes happen more easily in such materials.

Crerax PVC functional masterbatches help achieve much lower density, higher yield, shorter curing time and higher production capacity. Usually, they can be used in the production of air blowing shoes for much lighter weight, or sealing strips for excellent heat and sound insulation.

TPE (TPR) functional masterbatches have good elasticity, resilience and strength like rubber, and can be injection molded to prepare shoe soles, pet toys and more.

As one of our newest solutions, PP & engineering plastics functional masterbatches stand out by having good resistance to ultra-high temperatures. This solution makes blending expandable microspheres into PP+glass fiber and engineering plastics (PP, PA, PC, PBT/PET, PE, PVC, TPR, TPU, TPV, POM, EPDM, NBR, NR, etc.) more easily and brings lightweighting to new energy automobiles, 5G industry, home appliances and more. Other excellent results include lower permittivity and lower risks of warpage or de-shaping.

We look forward to greeting you at the 34th Chinaplas International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries on April 13-16 in Shenzhen at booth 15A01. Come join us and discuss with our professional technical support team and lightweighting solutions experts on-site.

For further information,please contact us via email: info@crerax.com

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