Nanosphere Awarded as National Example High-Tech Enterprise

In November 2016, after going through the procedures of preliminary selection and review, expert review and online publicity, Nanosphere won the honorary title of “National High-tech Enterprise” and officially entered the ranks of national high-tech enterprises.

Since the establishment of the company, Nanosphere has been focusing on the independent research and development of microsphere series products so as to enhance the independent innovation capability of the company and  provide the most advanced technology products to millions of customers. Thus a number of core technologies and products with independent intellectual property rights are developed. The company’s self-developed microsphere foaming agent, thermal expansion microspheres, ultra-light polymer hollow microspheres and other products have been unanimously recognized by the national high-tech enterprises and industries, marking that the rapid development and independent innovation of our company is fully acknowledged by the market.

Being recognized as a national high-tech enterprise is a significant milestone in the development and history of the company, which will surely promote the company’s independent innovation and R&D. As for our R&D and production activities in the future, we’ll pay more attention to independent innovation and attach importance to intellectual property rights for the purpose of enhancing our core competitiveness. Meanwhile, we’ll strengthen the introduction of scientific research talents, increase the investment in scientific research and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements so as tocreate more economic and social benefits and constantly promote the development of new materials technology in China.

We are committed to constant innovations and upgrades

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