CHINACOAT, one of the leading international exhibitions for the coatings industries, just successfully convened its 24th show. Crerax exited thousands of exhibitors and tens of thousands of visitors with its cutting-edge colorful coatings solutions.

Crerax’s house-like booth was quite a buzz. Insulation coatings for buildings, leather coatings, colorful coatings, printing inks…visitors were amazed by Crerax’s exhibited microsphere applications.

Crerax’s patented expandable microspheres can be added into all types of building coatings (putty, intermediate coatings, finishing coatings, etc.) to improve the coatings’ surface structure, reduce the density of the coatings and the load the wall borne, therefore increasing storage stability and maximizing construction efficiency.

It’s especially worth mentioning that Crerax’s colorful coatings solutions have many outstanding features such as lightweight, energy saving, insulation, storage stability, and marble-like surface effects.

A world map made with Crerax coating boards of various colors
Crerax’s little experiment: feel the indoor temperature differences between the two little houses, one built with Crerax’s insulation coatings materials

Visitors crowded Crerax’ booth, eager to find out about other applications of Crerax expandable microspheres.

Adding microspheres during leather finishing process can create a softer touch and make the material more resilience and easier to repair when cut.

Microspheres can also upgrade common world products like printing inks, paper cups, wallpapers, anti-slippery papers, and non-wovens to create magical surface structure and textures ( 3D, matt, velvety, …).

Come and upgrade your product with Crerax’s technology an d create a ‘colorful’ and sustainable future of coatings!