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2018 Chinaplas International Plastics and Rubber Exhibition

Perfect Meeting with Nanosphere

The CHINAPLAS 2018 China International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition was completed on April 27 in Shanghai. The exhibition attracted the participation of more than 3,900 exhibitors from over 40 countries and regions. As the only manufacturer of expandable microspheres with independent intellectual property rights in China, Nanosphere has joined hands with other exhibitors to bring a unique display of technological innovation to the audience all over the world. It is reported that the number of visitors to the exhibition reached 180,701, including more than 150 countries and regions, of which overseas audiences accounted for 26.51%. Authorities from the global rubber and plastics industry exchanged ideas on the future development of the industry, focusing on the intelligentization, lightweighting and greening of rubber and plastic products, and seeking more possibilities for the sustainable development of the rubber and plastics industry.

In this exhibition, The nanosphere upholds the concept of lightweight, keeping innovative research and development, and solemnly launched the world’s only ultra-high temperature expandable microspheres. Faced with the trend of new materials and new products becoming increasingly lighter, many chemical product manufacturers of engineering plastics are in urgent need of seeking new innovation directions. The advent of Nanosphere UHT microspheres can provide them with lightweight new solutions.

The Nanosphere ultra-high temperature expandable microspheres (starting temperature 160-190°C, maximum foaming temperature can reach 280°C) break the technical bottleneck of all microsphere products on the market so that it can be applied at an injection temperature of more than 230°Cwhen conducting the injection molding of the above thermoplastic materials, such as PP, PC, PA, ABS. During the process of injection molding, the microspheres are thermally expanded to achieve controlled foaming, which helps various thermoplastic materials to generate a uniform closed cell structure, and at the same time reduce the density, improve the surface structure and improve the stability of the finished product.  In the injection molding of engineering plastics, the addition of nanosphere ultra-high-temperature expandable microspheres can reduce the product density by 15-30%, thereby achieving cost reduction.

Nanosphere Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a world-class new material technology research and development company. Headquartered in the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone, Nanosphere enjoys a favorable environment and policy support for rapid development, extending its business all around the world.

Through years of independent R&D and innovation, its products have already got the capability to compete with international giant enterprises on the same stage and its technological level is commensurate with international giant enterprises, giving its products strong market competitiveness. Nanosphere has always been focusing on providing more suitable products and solutions for new material applications, industrial customers and future life.

By attending the Chinaplas exhibition, Nanosphere not only builds its brand awareness, but also broadens its horizon via exchanging industry technologies, and absorbing advanced experience, laying a sturdy foundation for the continuous development of the brand.

Looking forward to continuing to bring revolutionary breakthrough for the global rubber and plastic industry at Chinaplas exhibition in 2019.

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