Expandable Microsphere

Expandable microspheres are white microscopic spheres (with an average particle size of 10~30 μm and an average density of approximately 1100 kg/m3) that comprise a thermoplastic shell encapsulating a low boiling point liquid hydrocarbon

When heated to a temperature high enough to soften the shell, the increasing pressure of the hydrocarbon will cause the microsphere to expand by 40 to 100 times. The microsphere ceases to expand when its inner pressure, shell tension and external pressure reach a balance. Its density after expansion can be lower than 30 kg/m3(0.03 g/cm3), making it one of the most lightweight application materials in the world.

The excellent performance of expandable microspheres:

  • Light weight: Its density is only 1/50 of the water. The addition of a small amount of it can remarkably reduce the weight of other materials.
  • Wide range of applications: There are more than 500 known areas that can be applied and more applicable industries are being discovered.
  • Low cost: It can help reducing the overall cost of other raw materials.
  • Insulation: With good insulation, it can be completely cut off from light, heat and electricity
  • Tenacity: It can significantly improve and enhance the flexibility and tenacity of raw materials.
  • Dense structure: It is the only closed-cell expansion agent in the world.
  • Modification: Adding microspheres with different particle size can generate different surface modification effects, such as suede effect leather, 3D effect wallpaper.